S#!% Taffy Says

That Jazz Festival

Reminiscing about a trip to upstate New York.

I was visiting Taffy, just her and me, when we got to talking about when I was sixteen and she took me out East for my two week.  The first week was New York City!  We went to Broadway shows, the ballet, Blue Man (before it was big) and capped it off with a long weekend in upstate New York with my Aunt and Uncle before heading down to DC to see the museums and then a couple days in Cleveland.

In upstate New York, we had eaten at a restaurant and, as my family was teaching me the correct use of credit cards at the time, I had charge of the AmEx and was “paying” for lunch.  Taffy, in remembering this, joked about how much fun it had been when they typo’d on the bill and charged $450 instead of $45.  At sixteen, I remembered not finding it that funny at all, but now it was pretty silly.  I had it fixed, no harm, no foul.

The kicker was, however, when she asked me where it was we had been.  “Do you remember where we went to eat?” she asked me.  “Sure!  It was that bistro-” I replied.  “No no, not the restaurant.  The town.  You know, where they had that big jazz festival years ago?”  I sat there for a moment, trying to keep a straight face.  “You mean Woodstock, Taffy?”   She did, and I really couldn’t wait to tweet about that to my friends!

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