The Quotable Taffy

Chapter Five of a short memoir I wrote about Taffy. Our favorite Taffy quotes.

I mentioned before that sometimes it’s just hard to come up with a story.  Either because people don’t have a lot of individual ‘me and Taffy’ stories or because they can’t come up with one that feels right, people decided to send short ‘excerpts’ of Taffy that came into their lives.

Maria Di Dia is one of Susan’s best friends and, through Susan, has gotten to know Taffy.  When Taffy and I went to NYC in 1993, Maria got us tickets to a (then) little known performance group, with a show off Broadway called The Blue Man Group.

I don’t really have any Taffy stories as I have not had the privilege of spending a lot of time with her.  However, recently, after her eye surgery I called her one evening.  She was her usual chipper and loving self.  I’d been having a difficult time at my business and I was bitching about it!  She sort of laughed, that deep throated Taffy laugh, and said “Reach for the moon…if you fall it’s into stars.”  I had an epiphany on that summer day in NYC!  Since that day I entered that quote into my Palm Pilot and it is there for me every day!  A special gift from her that she probably doesn’t know meant the moon and the stars to me!!

Taffy’s also pretty good at malapropisms.  She’s old now, can’t hear well, can’t see well, but she insists on being in the middle of everything so she can keep up.  “Don’t talk louder, e-NUN-ciate!” she complains.  Her hearing loss has affected the upper-register mostly, so mostly she can’t hear female voices.  Ironically, perhaps, Taffy’s never had a lot of female friends, so she isn’t missing all that much.

Since she can’t hear well, she can’t hear you pronounce new words to her, and thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of them.  When I was teaching her how to email (yes, I did that, sorry), she asked me what the “CC” and “BCC” lines were for.  I told her “Taff, you know this!  Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy!”  Taffy turned and glared at me, “How the hell do kids today know what the hell carbon copy is anyway!?”

In my aunt’s room is my father’s favorite chair (and one day, he knows I will steal it, as I’ve coveted it my entire life).  On that chair are two cushions that sum up Taffy’s outlook on life.

“My idea of housecleaning is to sweep the room with a glance.”


“Never economize on luxury.”

While my idea of housecleaning is to clean on an OCD level, heaven help me, I don’t go for the cheap stuff when I want to get something special.

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