S#!% Taffy Says

What’s My Email?

Wherein Taffy forgot her email and decided it was all very simple.

Years ago, Taffy’s email was an AOL account. She dropped AOL (thank goodness) but wanted an easy to know email. So I set her up with one, and she was happy until today.

You see, she’s getting tri-focals so she can use the computer, and she wanted to check her email. Only she forgot her email address. She knew what domain it was at but thought her email was taffy ‘something’ at…

So I explained what it was, and go to the part where the @ was. I thought obviously this is where she’s confused, so I tell her ‘it’s the AT symbol.’

“What’s that?”

“It’s… Okay, look at the number 2 on the keyboard. It’s the a in a circle–”

“I’m not at the computer.”

“Okay, it’s the little a in a circle.”

“Oh that! I know that. I just thought my email was my name.”

“It is. It’s Taffy.”

“… It’s not taffyippy?”


“Oh hell, that’s easy. Thank you, Meex!”

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