S#!% Taffy Says

Why isn’t the game on?

Where Taffy finds out why you can’t watch a baseball game in just any state.

While in St. Paul, Taffy wanted to watch the baseball game (Indians vs Mariners). I put the game on my iPad and cranked it up for her, which resulted in the following conversation.

Taffy: This is great!

Mika: Isn’t technology cool?

Taffy: It’s amazing that we can do this. But we should turn on the boob tube.

Mika: Why?

Taffy: So you can watch it!

Mika: It’s not on.

Taffy: What do you mean it’s not on?

Mika: I mean it’s not on TV here.

Taffy: Why not?

Mika: We’re in St. Paul.

Taffy: So?

Mika: Taf, they don’t play all the games in all 50 states.

Taffy: They don’t?

Mika: Nope. That’s why I got this. I can listen to them all this way.

Taffy: Well that sucks!

Yes, Taf, yes it does.

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