Don’t Call Her Harietta Either

It’s Harriett, two Rs, two Ts and no E at the end. And here I thought explaining it was ‘Taffy’ not ‘Cathy’ was hard.

Taffy was born Harriett, not that she liked it. As soon as she became Taffy, her strangely spelled name was forgotten (apparently Great Grandma Gertrude – aka Gigi – didn’t know how to spell it). Even her obituary ran as Taffy … in the paper. The paid one at least. There was an editorial as well calling her “Taffy” in quotes.

Imagine my surprise when I went to look at her obituary on line and I see this:


Aka Harietta. Surely this is just one typo.


Nope. Four different mentions of ‘Harriett’, and four different spellings.

I promptly reported it and they assured me they’d fix it right away.

Source: Obituary – TAFFY (aka Harietta Epstein) EPSTEIN

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