Cleaning Out The Booze

Standing orders were to drink everything in the house when Taffy died. This proved to be Mission: Impossible.

Taffy left orders to drink everything, but not everything was drinkable. For example….


Three bottles of Creme de Menthe, dated 1965, 1972, and 1995. They had numbers on the bottom.


Oddly the 1972 bottle is cemented …


Other things that were recycled without being imbibed: Two bottles of bitters from the 1980s, Mr. Boston Rock and Rye from the 1970s, an unopened bottle of Tabasco Brand Bloody Mary Mix date unknown (found in the back of Bonzie’s cupboard), Vermouth circa 1960 (I guess we didn’t do a lot of martinis!), and a 1990 Sake which had turned to vinegar.

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