Lost in Transit?

Shipping Taffy by mail always leads for some interesting stories.

Susan and TaffyTaffy was cremated, per her wishes and pre-arrangement. We did not attend her cremation, and when Coco, Woody’s wife, found out she was worried. Coco is Japanese and yelled at him about it. How did we know it was really Taffy? After all, Americans don’t know what they’re doing, you could end up with anyone! Woody pooh-poohs this. It’ll be fine. Taffy will be cremated and mailed to New York, for Susan to take care of.

Then the phone rings, and it’s the Plain Dealer who was checking out the details of Taffy’s obit. They wanted to tell us that they had called the funeral home, and they had no record of Taffy. Was the obituary all a joke? And of course all the Epsteins are laughing hysterically that they’ve lost Taffy. The poor woman on the phone is getting angry, everyone is laughing, and finally they find Taffy, at a similarly named funeral home.

She gets the last laugh every time she can.

(PS – She arrived safe and sound in upstate NY.)

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