Black Thumb

Taffy was never good at plants, but she kept trying.

A party at Taffy's
On the far right are the old plants.

The following story comes from Taffy’s neighbor, Gloria, who lives in Gigi’s old apartment.

Taffy always had plants, ferns, in the corner of the apartment. At least until I was older. Finally she accepted the fact that she was a serial fern killer, and stopped. But she ended up with new plants. A couple in the building had these plants, but not enough room to keep them, and certainly not outside, so they asked Taffy if they could put them on her patio. Taffy said “Of course.” But come fall, when the cold bit, she knew it was time for the plants to go home. She called and called and the couple never came back for the plants, so Taffy just moved them in to the old plant place and there they lived.

In the old days, she’d probably have had someone drop the plants off on their doorstep with a bill for services.

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