Taffy’s at 1776 Broadway

Thanksgiving at Taffy’s in NYC was always special.

When I was younger, Taffy owned a Taffy’s store at 1776 Broadway in NYC. It was sold, along with the rest of the stores, to Capezio, years ago. I don’t have a photo of it as Taffy’s, but pretend this is Taffy’s.

Capezio on Broadway

Until my early teen years, we would sometimes get to go to New York City for Thanksgiving and watch the parade.

Taffy's NYC Today

That’s what it looks like today. If you rent it out, know that one of the craziest people in the universe used to have a store there, and we had great parties.

Me? I used to sit in the window, watching the parade.

Happy Thanksgiving. Lift a glass of chardonnay.

3 replies on “Taffy’s at 1776 Broadway”

Hello Mika,

I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving story about 1776 Broadway. Yolanda and I often speak about the good times we had with Taffy. We remember with fondness what wonderful lady she was.

Here is something that you might me interested in. We may be related to a Hungarian modernist painter, Istvan Farkas (1887-1944). He was also known as Etienne Farkas. Here are some links to websites with information about Istvan Farkas. It is a sad story.

I saw an exhibit of his paintings at CUNY, a while ago. Beautiful paintings, haunting. In his biography, it said that his mother’s name was Anna Goldberger. We are descendents of Celia Goldberger, which got me to thinking that maybe we are related to Istvan Farkas. I thought that you with your interest in family ties that you might be interested.

All the best,


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